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Solarforce L2P/L2T + PFlexPRO Drop In with OPTIONS
Solarforce L2P/L2T + PFlexPRO Drop In with OPTIONS

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Product Code: L2P-3.8-22M-IC-OPTIONS







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Description Technical Specs
Solarforce L2P with the PFlexPRO 22 Mode Group Drop In or Advance Program Drop In installed. The L2P is a great host with it's HAIII anodizing and its enhanced internal coating -for the price, it can't be beat. The PFlexPRO drop in has 22 user selectable mode groups (see technical info for group listings), interchangeable contacts, 'off time' memory, adjustable turbo step down, battery indicator and a unique mode lock function. Information on the AP Driver can be found here: ADVANCE PROGRAM DRIVER. This package is available with your choice of XML2, XPL, XPL HI or Nichia 219 emitters, your choice of tail caps, bezels, lanyard ring/pocket clip, batteries and chargers.
The drop in is installed in the host using a copper wrap for the best heat transfer.

Host: Choose either the L2P or L2T black host

Power: The 3.8A has excellent output. The 3.04A has a typical output of around 950 lumens and has better runtime than the 3.8A
The 1.9A power level is included for the Nichia 219B 90+ CRI emitter. If you order the Nichia 219B at any other power level...I will contact you. If you order any emitter besides the 219B at the 1.9A power level...I will contact you. Running any of the other emitters at 1.9A is perfectly fine for moderate output and long run time, but I will confirm your choice.
The Advance Program driver will give you complete control over your mode settings and includes a direct drive option, three power channels, three memory types and dynamic thermal control.

XML2/XPL for max output -or- XPL HI for max throw (Nichia 219B is only compatible with 'power 1.9A)


Smooth has a well defined hotspot.
Smooth Hybrid has the same throw with a soft edge hotspot and fewer artifacts
Orange Peel has a very smooth beam with a larger softer hotspot and less throw

Stock -plain glass lens from Solarforce.
The AR lens will increase out by about 6%.
The Micro Textured lens will also increase output by about 6% and remove artifacts from the beam...it decreases throw by only 2%.
The Micro Textured lens works well with any reflector, but the smooth reflector benefits the most.
The Micro Textured lens combined with the smooth hybrid reflector gives better beam quality than a orange peel reflector alone, and the MT/SMH combo will give you more throw than the orange peel reflector.

Click here to read about 'Enhanced Forward Clicky Switch'

Tail Cap:
All tail caps have a spring bypass installed and capped with copper for lower resistance.
If you choose 'TX (RC) S10 (FC)' will give you both the Tail Stand tail cap in reverse clicky and the S10 protruding tail cap in forward clicky.
If you choose 'TX (FC) S10 (FC) you will receive both tail caps in forward clicky.
The S6 tail cap tail stands and has finger clearance for easier button access. It also has holes for a lanyard.
The S12 tail cap tail stands, has finger clearance, a slot for a lanyard and it looks good. You may want to consider a SS bezel.
The S14 tail cap has a unique finger ring.

Bezel: The standard bezel for the L2P is black and is crenelated. The standard L2T bezel is black with a smooth perimeter. If you add the stainless steel tail cap, you may want to include either of the stainless bezels to give the flashlight a more balanced look. Another advantage or the stainless bezel and tail cap is durability. If you nick the black anodized aluminum, the light colored aluminum showing through the black anodizing will be very obvious.
Stainless steel is much more durable than aluminum, but if it does nick or scratch, it will be much less noticeable because there will be no color difference

Step Down: This determines how long the light will run in high before reducing the power to reduce heat and extend runtime. The step down ramps the power down over several seconds an it is not very noticeable. The step down time is user adjustable, but I like to set it so the step down is plotted on the output graph during the output testing.
The step down time does not apply to the Advance Program driver (option in the current section). The Advance Program driver has active thermal control and will incrementally reduce to power based on temperature. If you choose the Advance Program driver, any selection made in the step down option will be ignored.

Copper Wraps: These are additional wraps. The drop in has been installed with a copper wrap and it can be reused several times.
The additional copper wrap sets are available to wrap other P60 drop ins you may already have.
Each copper wrap set consists of 12"x5/8" 4mil copper and 4"x5/8" 2mil copper.

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