New Micro-Textured Scratch Resistant AR Lens for Solarforce Flashlights

Just as the name says, this lens has a very fine textured finish. Unlike other diffusion lenses, this lens does not reduce actually increases the output compared to the stock Solarforce lens. This lens will improve the beam quality when combined with any reflector. It has the greatest impact when combined with a smooth or smooth hybrid reflector. Used with these reflectors, there will be a reduction in throw of about 2%, so if you're looking for the smoothest, artifact free beam while still maintaining throw... this combination is perfect. When used with a smooth or smooth hybrid reflector, the beam quality is better than an orange peel reflector. If you're not looking for throw, but want the absolute smoothest beam pattern, combine the Micro-Textured lens with an orange peel reflector... this combination will have a 12% reduction in throw compared to a smooth reflector with a plain lens.

New AR lens available for P60 lights

This lens is High Optical PMMA lens and is AR coated on both sides which means more light out the front.

The lens has a transmission rate of 98%, (This will increase the output of a 3.8A light by almost 100 lumens)The lens is scratch resistant and smudge resistant (smudge resistant on outside surface)This is the easiest and best way to achieve maximum output.

NEW! Smooth Hybrid Reflector for P60
This is a smooth reflector with the bottom 6mm diffused. The majority of beam artifacts
come from the low portion of the reflector, close to the emitter, so with this reflector, only these artifacts
are diffused and the remainder of the light will be reflected by th
e smooth portion. Also, the light from a
domed emitter will usually have a blue/green cast emitted from the sides. When this blue/green light
hits a regular smooth reflector, you may see a blue/green ring surrounding the hotspot or somewhere
else in the beam pattern . The diffused area will mix this off-colored light evenly into the beam.
The diffused area does not affect throw (hotspot intensity) or output...but it will make the transition from the hotspot to spill softer

NEW! Cree XPL High Intensity Emitter - It's All About Throw!

  • No dedoming color shift
  • LED is fully protected
  • Almost doubles the throw of the flashlight
  • Suitable for all Builds
  • Very High Efficiency

V2-1A (Cool White) or U5-NW (Neutral White)

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