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P60 3.04A 22 Mode Group with Interchangeable Contacts/SHORT for Surefire and Other P60 Flashlight Hosts
P60 3.04A 22 Mode Group with Interchangeable Contacts/SHORT for Surefire and Other P60 Flashlight Hosts

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This Drop In is a shorter version of the PFlexPRO Interchangeable Contact drop in. The shorter version increases compatibility with flashlights like Surefire that have a restrictive drop in chamber. Click on the 'Extended Information' tab for more information.

This the 'Top of the Line' PFlexPRO drop in. It is driven at 3.04 (1000+ lumens). This is the highest power level I recommend when using with an optional 16650 battery. This drop in/battery combination is best for Surefire or Elzetta that has not been bored for the larger 18650 battery. It uses the 22 mode group driver for maximum mode flexibility (see specs for mode group list). The positive contact can be easily changed or replaced by simply screwing one out and screwing another in with no tools or soldering. The drop in is fully potted and lock out leads are exposed through the potting material -these leads can be connected with conductive paint to disable the mode group change function. The reflector shaft is polished to enhance thermal transfer to the host. The emitter in mounted on a 16mm copper MCPCB and installed with an additional thermal pad on top of the MCPCB. The thermal pad enhances the thermal flow by providing an alternate, more direct heat path to the reflector. The drop in includes 2 springs and a solid button contact -the solid contact improves fitment of long protected batteries. The drop in also includes 2mil and 4 mil copper with instructions for wrapping and installing in the host. The drop in has a 'high mode step down' which increases battery life and reduces the heat load. The 'high mode step down' is adjustable, but the drop in will be shipped as follows: 3.8A -3 minute step down - 3.04A - 4 minute step down

The optional Sanyo 16650 battery is designed for a host that uses 2xcr123 batteries and has not been bored to accept the larger 18650 battery. The 16650 battery has lower capacity than an 18650 battery... the 3.04a drop in will help extend your run time while using a 16650 battery. This drop in is not compatible with 2xcr123, 2x16340, 2x16350 or any other multi-battery configuration that delivers more than 4.5v.

If you choose the Nichia 219B (90+ CRI), the maximum power will be set to 1.9A

The drop in comes with a 'copper wrap set' which consists of 12" of 4mil and 4" of 2mil copper. The copper can be reused many times before it needs replacing. The additional copper wraps are mainly available for other drop ins you may have and want to wrap with copper.

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