P60 Quad Emitter Drop In - Advance Program
P60 Quad Emitter Drop In - Advance Program

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The P60 Quad is built with the Advance Program driver for full user configurability.
There are two versions available: The Quad P60 DT (brass) for Solarforce and the Quad P60 Copper (nickel plated) for Surefire and other P60 hosts.

NEW! P60 Quad DT (Brass): This drop in is designed specifically for Solarforce hosts - the DT design has much better thermal properties than
the Copper Quad. The DT (direct thermal) is machined to make direct thermal and electrical contact with the 'stop' in a Solarforce
host. The Quad DT drop in should not be wrapped - it is simply inserted in the host. The DT design will allow the light to run in direct drive
much longer without thermal regulation kicking in. In the high regulated modes, thermal regulation may never reduce the output at all.
The last photo shows a side by side thermal comparison of a copper wrapped Copper Quad and an unwrapped DT Quad - after running in direct drive for 2 minutes, the DT Quad is 900 lumens brighter because thermal regulation did not have to reduce the output very much.
If your Quad will be used in a Solarforce Host - you should definitely choose the Quad DT.

Using the Advance Program driver, the P60 Quad includes a direct drive mode, active thermal control and initially delivers over 3000 lumens.
The thermal control steps in quickly to control the heat of the light -the P60 quad maintains full brightness longer than the S2+ triples.
The 24mm copper MCPCB is soldered onto the specially designed copper or brass pill.
The Drop In is heavy and you will notice the extra weight when installed - the additional mass enhances the thermal properties of the light.
The driver is potted and has easy change contacts -for Surefire host, a short solid contact and a high output Beryllium Copper is provided
The Quad DT is shipped with a long solid contact and a high output Beryllium Copper spring.
Copper wrap is included with the P60 copper quad - the P60 Quad DT does not require wrapping.

For high output and improved throw, I recommend the XPL HI version. The XPL HI has a much better hot spot than the Nichia 319AT.

Surefire-HO Spring and Short Solid Contact
Solarforce - HO Spring and Long Solid Contact
The solid contact will increase the output over the beryllium copper spring.
If a host is purchased with this drop in, it will automatically have the Enhanced Forward Clicky Switch installed.

If a Solarforce Host is added, it will include an AR lens and a heavy bypass with a copper cap on the switch spring to handle the high current.
If you want additional options with the Solarforce host (tail cap, bezel, holster), please contact me.

Quad Drop Ins usually ship in 3 business days.

*Multi-Emitter lights do not throw as well as single emitter/reflector lights, but they make up for it in raw output.
It requires a single 18650, high current battery (not included, but may be added as an option),
The 4, low Vf emitters will draw over 12A in the direct drive mode

**The copper shells are now plated with nickel so it will appear silver colored instead of bare copper - this plating will stop the copper from tarnishing and turning dark brown. The brass shells are un-plated and they are yellow, brass colored.

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