Advance Program Driver -REGULATED

The Advance Program - Regulated driver has all the features of the Advance Program - Direct Drive, but the final 2 steps are fully regulated.
The ultimate power level of these 2 highest modes vary depending on the host and emitter, but the following lights typically have the AP-R driver set at 4.5A: P60, P60+Solarforce, Convoy S2+, M1 and C8. While the L2 can be built with the AP-R driver, the L2's high mass and huge battery capacity is perfectly happy running the AP- Direct Drive.

There are several situations where this fully regulated driver is the best choice:

Emitter Restrictions: The Nichia emitters can safely be used with the AP-Regulated driver in a single emitter setup. A single Nichia emitter should not be used with a Direct Drive Driver. This also applies to any emitter with a very low forward voltage, such as the Cree XPL2 emitters.

Triples: If you've had experience with a triple emitter light, you know heat can be an issue... even with thermal control. A triple mounted in a small host such as the S2+ will get hotter faster than the thermal regulation can handle. That's why I recommend not using step 24 in a triple or only using it for very short periods. With the AP-R driver, a triple can have regulation in all modes and in addition, the thermal regulation has no problem managing the heat. Although, the AP-R driver will not reach the very high initial outputs of a direct drive triple, it will deliver more light after the first minute of run time.

General Flashlight Use: While the direct drive mode is incredibly bright (initially), the output is reduced as the battery drains... keep in mind that the battery drains from the first moment the light is turned on. The AP-Regulated driver will maintain constant current to the emitter until the battery can no longer supply sufficient voltage at a given power level. Many people prefer a flashlight where all modes are regulated as long as the higher modes are bright enough- running at 4.5A, it's definitely bright enough.


Illuminated Tail Cap

Many PFlexPRO Convoy flashlights are available with an Illuminated Reverse Clicky switch installed. The brightness of the tail cap is very low, but it stands out very well when looking for the flashlight in the dark. A clear switch boot has been installed to allow the tail switch emitters to show through. If your eyes are 'dark acclimated', you can use the tail cap to read something if it's held very close.

The output level of the tail cap has been adjusted to this low level for 2 reasons:

1. I don't want the current draw from the switch to change the operation of the flashlight. If the output level is too high, it will cause the light to lose it's memory function.

2. I want the discharge of the battery due to the illuminated tail cap to be measured in years... not months.

Micro-Textured Scratch Resistant AR Lens

Just as the name says, this lens has a very fine textured finish. Unlike other diffusion lenses, this lens does not reduce actually increases the output compared to the stock Solarforce lens. This lens will improve the beam quality when combined with any reflector. It has the greatest impact when combined with a smooth or smooth hybrid reflector. Used with these reflectors, there will be a reduction in throw of about 2%, so if you're looking for the smoothest, artifact free beam while still maintaining throw... this combination is perfect. When used with a smooth or smooth hybrid reflector, the beam quality is better than an orange peel reflector. If you're not looking for throw, but want the absolute smoothest beam pattern, combine the Micro-Textured lens with an orange peel reflector... this combination will have a 12% reduction in throw compared to a smooth reflector with a plain lens.

Smooth Hybrid Reflector for P60

This is a smooth reflector with the bottom 6mm diffused.  The majority of beam artifacts come from the low portion of the reflector, down close to the emitter.  The area low in the reflector accounts for most of the beam artifacts surrounding the hot spot.  This reflector will minimize these artifacts and smooth the edge of the hot spot.  The throw is not affected since throw comes from the upper portion of the reflector.

PFlexPRO Advance Program Short P60 Drop In with Interchangeable Contacts for Surefire Hosts PFlexPRO Advance Program P60 Drop In with Interchangeable Contacts for Surefire and other P60 Hosts Solarforce Austin PD TAC Light
Solarforce Austin PD TAC Light
Our Price: $70.00

22 Mode Group with Interchangeable Contacts for Surefire and Other P60 Flashlight Hosts PFlexPRO Convoy S2+ 1.5A - Reverse Clicky - Fully Potted LED Flashlight Solarforce L2P/L2T + PFlexPRO Drop In with OPTIONS